Words matter, a lot

Creating a VISUAL identity is essential, but what about your VERBAL identity? Words. What do you say?

Words matter, a lot. Sophisticated content management systems mean search engines are hungry for NEW content. Blogs, press releases, e-letters, websites, simple everyday communications. You’ve got to say things clearly.

The internet’s changed things and EVERYONE now has the ability to interact verbally. This can be great, but it also means that members of your team whose natural forte isn’t the written word, HAVE to use it now.

People are bored with formality and digital communications have led to a much more direct style of writing. Unfortunately, this has led to poor grammar, the dreaded ‘Americanizms’ in spelling and ‘keypad’ shortcuts developing, '2 get the message thru'…

We’re not advocating changing the English language. We’re advocating creativity because creative writing is effective writing. We focus on abilities, empowering good writers to be more confident and giving less confident writers simple tips and hints they can use straight away. We simplify. Less, not more. We believe that creating stories are the way to produce interesting, readable writing in EVERY area.

Effectively, the process we’re using is collaborative. Creative thinking, using insights, your ideas, our ideas, and inspiring opportunities with impact. DNA helps you discover the brand you want to be.