Research and development are essentials

There are those who’ll tell you that ‘research’ is hopeless for nurturing great ideas. They’ll remind you that the ‘revolutionary’ Sinclair C5 Vehicle did well in research and that Decca Records did their homework on The Beatles, but still didn’t sign them. So why bother?

We’re from the other school. We reckon research and development are essentials, even if they only tell us what decades of experience suggest to us already. We use a process called Think to drive the development process. It’s one of the reasons why we don’t hurry-into creative pitches because we believe, you need to dedicate lots of research to a project.

Some organisations give away research, creative thinking and hard work for nothing. We don’t. We value Think because it isn’t just a bit of dabbling on Google. It’s a structured approach, to get everyone thinking and a brief formulated.

You can miss out this process and trust to a ‘Eureka’ moment because Greek Scholars of Archimedes-type intellect are thin on the ground. We’d rather Think.

Effectively, the process we’re using is collaborative. Creative thinking, using insights, your ideas, our ideas, and inspiring opportunities with impact. DNA helps you discover the brand you want to be.