Creating brands that are as unique to your company as you are

The very definition of a brand can be hard to define, what exactly is it?. Well, it’s a lot more than a sexy logo or a great reputation. It’s also both tangible and intangible.

That might sound hard to get your head round, but in effect, if you think about the brands you know and love, what’s the relationship YOU have with them? It’s really all in the mind. A lot of it is doing your homework and developing a brand proposition that everyone wants to engage with.

You may have an existing brand, but is it tired or misunderstood and do your clients and stakeholders buy into it? It may be you just need to change the audience you’re speaking to. Questions, questions, questions we know, but let us help you decipher the answers.

For instance, we can show you examples where a cohesive brand has made the difference between a good company and a great one. Together we can co-create a bespoke brand that is as unique to your company as you are. If a brand is REALLY good, it looks like it’s running itself, but it actually isn’t. It’s always been thought out, planned, worked at, tweaked. It’s an emotional personality and passport that’s constantly evolving.

Effectively, the process we’re using is collaborative. Creative thinking, using insights, your ideas, our ideas, and inspiring opportunities with impact. DNA helps you discover the brand you want to be.