LinkedIn, what is it good for?

by Julian Westaby.

LinkedIn, what is it good for?

Thanks to everyone that got up at a ridiculous time on a dreich morning to come along and listen to Claire Dunning talk about LinkedIn.

It was another sell out event, which is appearing to be the norm for each Comms Breakfast event now, so thanks again for your continued support.  In fact it was so busy that some people weren’t able to ask all their questions.  If this was the case for you then please use the Communications Breakfast Group on LinkedIn to pose your questions.

Claire provided some tips for optimising your LinkedIn profile; Your job title is not always the best way to describe yourself in your headline.  Claire advised using relevant keywords that people would search for in your headline.  Mike Ritchie demonstrates this technique well in his praise of Claire below:

“Thanks to Claire Dunning for her talk this morning. Several interesting suggestions – I’ve already followed up on one in my LinkedIn profile.”

Mike Ritchie, Media Relations Adviser, PR Consultant, Copywriting Service Provider, Expert Information Gatherer

Make sure you include the actual name of your website instead of the default “Company Website”.  Use the drop down menu and choose “Other, this will provide another box where you can type the name of your website.   Claire also talked about the various ways “Company Pages can be used to advertise vacancies, promote products and services and even operate as an e-commerce faciltator.  Check out the Hewlett Packard company page as a good example:

“Hi Claire, 

Thanks for a terrific presentation this morning, I tweeted out a few of your words of advice (devlin_p) – really interested in the HP/product recommendation example.”

Paul Devlin, New Media Partners

As you can see we’ve had some really positive feedback about the presentation and the LinkedIn training  programmes that are taking place in November and December.  For more information on training and funding please visit our website.
Claire demonstrated how to build relationships globally when told the story of how she lobbied fellow Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) members via LinkedIn Groups resulting in her being elected to the CIM board.  Claire left the Communications Breakfast to join her CIM board meeting via Skype.  We are delighted to announce that Claire has been elected, be her fellow board members, to the position of Vice Chair of the International Chartered Institute of Marketing.  We’re proud to have a professional marketer of such standing working alongside us, Congratulations Claire!

Hey Julian great event this morning, you guys rock!!!

Andrew Parsons, IKM Consultants

Next month’s event is going to be a popular one too, so book your places here to avoid disappointment.  We have another lady who is an expert in her field.  Michelle Rodger from BloomVC is going to be giving us low down, the why’s, what’s and how’s on Crowdfunding.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 3rd of November, same time, same place:)

Thanks to Neale Smith for photography on the day.