Rudy Giuliani meets Claire Dunning

by Julian Westaby.

At the SCDI Dinner in Glasgow we witnessed a really interesting event, featuring a really interesting character-Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Claire with the Mayor

"Another opinion former I've met", said Rudy

Known worldwide as the ‘Mayor of New York City’ everyone remembers, (do you know who the present Mayor is?) It’s clear that thrice-married, prostate cancer-survivor Mr Giuliani was going to be a compelling speaker. With an ‘interesting’ past where an Italian ‘enforcer’ father who served prison time and a marriage to his second cousin formed his early life, he was never going to be a conventional character. This perhaps makes his rise to Worldwide fame all the more remarkable.
In most people’s eyes, after George W. Bush, he’s the first name that comes to mind when people think of the momentous day that’s simply become known as ‘9/11’.

It’s obviously impossible to overstate the importance of this date in America’s, let alone New York City’s history and although he’s achieved lots of other things, it’s definitely the event Mayor Giuliani will be remembered for. However, it’s perhaps important to note that long before this date, Rudy Giuliani had already made massive changes in a City, which was grabbing headlines over in the USA, for all the wrong reasons. When he was elected Mayor of the City in 1994, in many people’s eye’s, ‘The Big Apple’ was rotten to the core, with spiralling crime and social problems. His turn-around of a famous city was perhaps brought into focus by the appalling events of 9/11.

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In his Glasgow speech, Giuliani, unsurprisingly didn’t go in to all the fascinating aspects of his incredible life but instead focused on Business leadership and how he’s gone about this.

He highlighted that to change things, you had to make tough decisions that not everyone would like. It’s clear that when you’re involved as ‘front man’ for a city experiencing a horrific and unique event, you’d have to make decisions that would be made in the heat of the moment. Decisions there for history to judge you on. History has judged Rudy Giuliani and overall, he’ll be remembered for that unforgettable day in September 2001 – 9/11 in a really positive light.

Rudy’s gone on to become involved on the broader political field in the USA, with mixed, some would say unspectacular results. However, there’s no getting away from the fact that in the midst of a World-changing event, with the Global glare of the Word’s media on him, he  ‘did things’. Whatever you may think of Mr Giuliani, it takes tremendous leadership and guts to ‘take the helm’ during such a crisis. As he remarked at his keynote speech in Glasgow, it was his ability to ‘do things’ that perhaps singled him out from other people without leadership qualities during this momentous time in World history.

As you can see above, our MD Claire Dunning added to her photographic portfolio of ‘famous political people I’ve met’ when she posed with New York’s most famous citizen.

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