Social Media Marketing Training

by Julian Westaby.

Are you fed up with the ‘social media marketing’ over-hype?

Are you just really keen to get you (or your marketing team) trained and REALLY confident in this area?

Book now your team for trainingWe offer straightforward, honest, hands-on training, in our purpose-built Dunning DNA Lab. We’ve got a special e-mail promotion with prices starting at a very affordable £70 per person, for our half-day package.

What we do in The Lab is not a seminar, it’s proper, joined-up marketing advice and specific training, provided by marketing experts.

What else do you get?

To help you, to help yourself, our Lab is an interactive experience. You’ll try out and work on all the platforms you’ll be using (Twitter, Facebook. LinkedIn), to help make your Social Media Marketing strategy a success. You’ll also get tips on how social marketing can get you appointments, make you money and how you’ll recoup the time you invest in it.

We don’t download meaningless facts and figures from the Internet. It’s an Interactive, fun and informative. We GUARANTEE you’ll get a lot out of it. Full support material is also included.

If you’re based in Glasgow there are also a number of excellent training grants available at the moment. We’ll guide you through the process of how to get awarded them.

Our Dunning DNA Lab is unique in Scotland so why not contact us today?