Famous people I’ve met: No.3254-William Hague

by Julian Westaby.

William Hague obviously gets to meet lots of political powerhouses, in his high-profile role, in the Shadow Cabinet. But has he met more famous politicians than Claire Dunning? I very much doubt it! Claire obviously has seen it all before and adds the former ‘Tory Boy‘ to the ever-lengthening list of ‘Politico’s’ she’s had her photie taken with: ‘Mandy’, ‘Broonie’, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair etc etc. She’s met more ‘Big Wigs’ than Elton John and Bruce Forsyth’s make -up artists, put together.

As you’ll see from the photo, Mr Hague’s quite an imposing figure though, as Claire’s not exactly a midget. She was too short to be a supermodel but was thrown-out of The Royal School of Ballet when she stretched to five and a half feet…

There’s no denying, he’s got presence and if things had turned out differently, it might have been Hague leading the Conservative Party into this May’s General Election. Politics, it’s a funny old game.

As everyone knows, William Hague got a hard time when he was younger and was often the brunt of many an ‘alternative’ comedian’s gags but he’s matured into a more respected political figure and orator. And anyone who enjoys a well-publicised ahem…light swally and chose to have their Stag Night at the magnificent Inverlochy Castle Hotel is awright in our books.

So, where will this latest photo be heading? At Dunning, we’ve got a ‘Smarty Pants Corner’ in the Boardroom where, along with the writer’s Cycling Proficiency Badge and 25 metre swimming patch, Claire gets to flaunt her various positions of responsibility, Chains of office, Certificates of increasingly large levels of merit, Board positions and, yes, photies of her with various billionaires, heid honchos, luminaries and MP’s. Depending on your point of view, this is extremely degrading, to certain under-achieving, slackers in the company, or, an exemplar of networking at its finest.

I have photos of me taken with ‘Reg Holdsworth‘, the ex-supermarket Manager from mid-1990’s Coronation Street. So, you can guess which pathetic camp I have a foot in…