Bold Thinking, Tough Choices, Clear Focus

by Julian Westaby.

At the end of this week, we’re decanting to St Andrews for the Annual Scottish Council for Development in Industry (SCDI) Forum. As you’ll see above, this year’s theme is  Re:wiring Scotland and as we’ve created the whole Identity for the event, we reckon it’s going to be great. Really, it’s  ‘must-go-to’ event for all forward-thinking companies and organisations operating in Scotland.

Rewiring Scotland (which takes place over two days at the Fairmont near St Andrew’s) comes at a really interesting time for Scotland. Anecdotally, we’ve heard from a lot of people who seem to believe that the worst of ‘the recession’ is behind us but we’ve also spoken to others (particularly in the Public sector), who reckon the savagery of spending cuts are only just beginning to manifest themselves.

In Glasgow alone this week, there’s been a couple of very high-profile ‘happenings’ , with the departure of Steven Purcell (under somewhat ‘cloudy’ circumstances) and the announcement of the new Glasgow 2014 Identity. Both of these announcements demonstrated the usual positive and negative aspects of the Business and Political arena in Scotland and highlighted the fact that there are always two ways of looking at things. Sadly, in Scotland, we can be rather introspective and the general ‘what a waste of money’ rather negative articles run by all our major papers regarding the new Commonwealth Games 2014 Branding leaves us thinking if Scotland really does want to take itself seriously on the World stage sometimes?

We’re hoping to get a lot out of our attendance at St Andrew’s. Whilst it’s a great networking opportunity and a chance to chat with ‘leaders’ we really hope it lives up to the billing and will look at the POSITIVE aspects of what’s been a bit of a ‘tough gig’ for everyone over the last couple of years. We think it’s time to be bullish and ambitious.