It's our National day – its a Holi-Holiday!

by Julian Westaby.

Because our new Digital Strategist Aleks is sort-of Australian (well, he sounds Australian) we all went out, to celebrate Australia Day (yes, I know, lunchtime drinking, in the nanny state of Scotland, absolutely outrageous!). Anyway, in- between mouthfuls of Victoria Bitter and Kangaroo curry (no joke) we got round to discussing this issue of ‘Nationalism’.

In Oz, January 26 is a National holiday and it’s an opportunity for them to indulge in the Three ‘B’s (beach, barbeque, beer) and generally have a good time and express their Antipodean-ness. It’s fun, it’s harmless and it’s an excuse to meet people and tell them about how good your country is, in a bit of a tongue-in-cheek way.

We know that the whole aspect of ‘Nationalism’ is a bit of a touchy subject but we reckon that if it’s a good excuse for a bit of a knees-up, Nationalism is a great idea. We think that the aspect of demonstrating ones  ‘superiority’ over others is how some nations like to demonstrate their one-ness, which is obviously a bit wrong. However, a day off for everyone, for a bit of bondai-ing? That has to be a fantastic idea. Why don’t WE have a National ‘Scotland-Day’ Holiday?

That’s why we think that St Andrew’s Day HAS to be awarded Official Holiday status. We’ve been looking on the internet and it seems to be that any half-decent country that likes to be taken seriously, has a National ‘Day’, on which they celebrate their ‘Identity’. It’s time Scotland did this properly and stopped faffing-about!
According to Tom in here, some aspects of Scottish Government had a day off last November 30th anyway but as per usual, there’s been a somewhat half-arsed and muted response from other Mandarins, as to what we should really be doing?

It needs to be made clear and quickly agreed on. November 30th, St Andrews Day, a celebration of our Scottish National identity, for all sorts of reasons. Let’s not leave being Scottish to the odd football match, Hogmanay or even Burns night.

In the past, we’ve even resorted to MAKING-UP things like ‘Tartan Day’, or ‘Edinburgh’s Hogmanay’, when we’ve already got a perfectly good, historical reason to shout-out that we’re proud to be Scottish.

There’s been lots of crazy petitions on Facebook and the like recently, so perhaps it’s time to start an official ‘MAKE ST ANDREW’S DAY A HOLIDAY’ campaign? That’s something that’s NOT so crazy. Who’s up for it?