Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together forrrrr…Aleks Bochniak!

by Julian Westaby.

As he’s half-Polish, it’s a bit disturbing for our new Digital Strategist, Aleks Bochniak to be describing Glasgow as a ‘frozen wasteland’! However, as he’s also half Australian, it’s probably a bit understandable. It’s minus EIGHT in City Centre Glasgow today, so Pret a Manger porridge was an absolute must to kick start the day. We live in a beautiful, heritage building, which unfortunately comes with beautiful, heritage, single-glazed windows and beautiful tiles and marble corridors ….brrrr…

However, when everyone eventually arrived in here, courtesy of Scotrail or First or whatever they are called now (Tom and some disgruntled commuters had to resort to commandeering the ‘cage’ wagon, usually used by the post and the guards, to get on a train!) a warm welcome was supplied. Well, a rather chilly welcome but you know what we mean.

Sadly, there’s still lots of chat in the studio on how is it that in Germany and France and even Italy, the transport system manages to function in Alpine weather? We ALWAYS seem to struggle…Never mind, we’re beginning to repeat ourselves here.

So, in spite of the weather, a tropically warm welcome to Dunning – Aleks Bochniak-Digital Strategist!

There will be much more on this later and you’ll be able to see Aleks’ very obvious effects on all our work, including this blog and website!