Up Grit creek, without a paddle?

by Julian Westaby.

Okay okay, we know hindsight’s a great thing but surely the coldest UK weather for 20 years should not come as a HUGE surprise? ALL the Councils in Scotland seem to have been caught with their pants down because it’s cold and logistically and statistically, this can’t be seen as acceptable?   In our computer-modelled-to-death world, there has to be much better planning than this?
It’s a shambles and I know it’s easy to hark on about the Alpine and Baltic States and Canada and other places being able to cope but it’s cyclical! We were DUE a cold winter, so to only be prepared for a NORMAL winter, seems to be a bit short-sighted, or daft even! Maybe we’re taking a simplistic view but there has to be a ‘what if’ scenario for every aspect of forward-planning. If not, it’s not really ‘forward-planning’ is it?

Also, while we’re on our high horse about getting Scotland’s Businesses back to work, what happened to the old and not exactly chivalrous but obvious act of cleaning snow and ice from your path? When I were a nipper EVERY shop had to have their frontage cleared of even the thickest ice. If they were trading and open, their frontage was well gritted and properly salted. Anything else would have been seen to be ridiculously rude and looked-on by your customers as you not trying nearly hard enough?

A ‘Braveheart Spirit’ is required immediately! Scotland, don’t rely on your useless Councils.

Protect Commerce, our old people and reduce the flood of accident and emergency potentials. Get out there, shopkeepers! It’s not old-fashioned, it’s good manners!