Julian's been appointed to Skillset Board

by Julian Westaby.

Julian Westaby, one of our Directors, has been appointed to the National Board for Scotland for Skillset

Skillset is the Sector Skills Council for Creative Media and works to raise skills levels in every sector of industry within its remit.

Skillset subdivides the Creative Media Industries into ten sectors:

  1. Animation
  2. Computer games
  3. Facilities
  4. Film
  5. Interactive media
  6. Other content creation
  7. Photo imaging
  8. Publishing
  9. Radio
  10. Television

Julian has been appointed to represent the branding and interactive media sector of the creative industries.  He says of his new role “I am delighted to be involved with Skillset, working to help raise all round awareness of the industry, its context, processes and business issues as a whole ensuring that the UK creative media industries maintain their world class position.”

We reckon this is a REALLY exciting position and obviously, we’ll have a great deal more to discuss and blog about on this! More later but we could’nae wait to tell everyone!