How to become an effective business leader

by Julian Westaby.

Common Purpose is a not-for profit-organisation that brings together people to help them become more effective leaders in society.  It runs leadership development programmes offering  inspiration, knowledge and connections to help organisations become more active and engaged in society.

It’s an International organisation but as part of the drive in Scotland, we were invited to speak at their event:


The format for the event was for us to take an overview of the economy in Glasgow – what are the conditions for success, and how the Glasgow economy fits – into the National picture.

Twelve leading organisations made up of SME, public sector and social enterprise businesses were all represented. And we helped them learn about and better understand the social and business (economy) side of Glasgow.

Basically, a lot what we spoke about our everyday business experiences and how we’ve adopted and adapted to the recent tough times. We spoke about what Dunning do, how we do business in the city and how the communications landscape is changing.

It was a fun and enlightening day and as the other speakers  included Dr Lesley Sawers, CEO at Scottish Council for Development and Industry, Bobby Hain,  Director Broadcast Services  STVRoss Clark, Centre Director, Hillington Park Innovation Centre and Eamonn Thompson, General Manager, Marriott Hotel, the participants gained a really rounded insight as to what’s ‘going down’ in the Glasgow business sector.

Common Purpose, an interesting organisation. You can read more about them on their Blog: