Are we experiencing a V or W Recession?

by Julian Westaby.

I was there, I heard him say it! At the recent Annual CBI Scotland Dinner in Glasgow Alistair Darling told us the the recession was coming to an end, his  words;

”Almost exactly a year ago, I said the world was facing the worst economic conditions in 60 years. Today, I can say that as a result of the action taken by governments everywhere, I am confident that we will see a global recovery next year…there are now visible signs that global confidence is returning:

  • World equity markets have risen for five months in a row
  • The US housing market is showing some signs of stabilisation
  • Economies in Asia are again growing steadily

All of this, if sustained, will support global demand over the next few months.

That is why I continue to believe that we will see growth in our economy resume around the turn of the year.”

Do we believe him?

Have we turned the corner?

Or is this rise to be followed by a sharp decline?

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