Green Shoots of Recovery

by Julian Westaby.

Green Shoots!?

Green Shoots!?

I’ve actually seen the green shots of recovery in Glasgow city centre.

Many may say I’m stretching the physical metaphor of a plant powering through an otherwise concrete landscape too far but where is their optimism? Probably in the same place that they think the economy is in – the doldrums without a hint of a breeze in sight! This year at Dunning our experience has been month on month growth, increasing our client base across various sectors and company size and a broader understanding of the value of design.

I know we are not alone as is clearly demonstrated in the article Glasgow Creative Focus published online by the Marketing Industry Network. The topic; How has Glasgow’s creative sector handled the recession? The answer; very well by all accounts.

Read the article and then tell me that the Green Shoots of Recovery are not alive and kicking in Glasgow!