Why we’ve made the shift to WordPress

Our design agency eats, sleeps, and breathes content. Every project we work on is somehow involved with features that require custom work to achieve specific functionality. We have always leveraged the major CMS’s (Drupal, WordPress, MySource Matrix and LemonStand) depending on the type of project, project requirements, and overall functionality needed. However, it wasn’t until recently (the past 6 months) that we have made the official shift to WordPress for good.

So, Why WordPress?

We are one of the top design agencies in Glasgow, Scotland. We don’t out source, we don’t cut corners, and we certainly don’t do boring. Our websites require specific attention to detail through-out. The major reason for choosing WordPress above anything else is it’s rock solid platform. Essentially the customisation of each website is extremely flexible, it offers a powerful template construction system for our designers to work with, and allows us to create content based on specific information our clients are looking to manage.

What does this mean for our projects?

We are actively working on many projects, and actively seeking new projects as well. Because of the flexibility that WordPress offers, we’ve taken a unique approach to suggesting this platform for any and all future work.

WordPress is extremely powerful, flexible, and highly resourceful for our workflow. We’ve even redeveloped our website using WordPress because of it’s flexibility.