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binary option winnerNext Thursday, the Glasgow Business Awards take place at the Crowne Plaza on the banks of the Clyde. Once again, it’s been sponsored by our chums at Bank of Scotland. There are nine awards up for grabs and Dunning are sponsoring our own special award for ‘The Best Performing Business with under 25 Employees’. We’ve also created the brand and designed all the presentations for the evening, so it’s obviously going to be a top-notch, black tie ‘do’.

We’ve been heavily-involved in the whole judging process and what this means is, we know who all the Winners are! Of course, there’s absolutely no danger we’re going to tell you who each winner, in each of the nine categories is. Well, we could but we’d then have to kill you.

Further bad news is, you can’t get a seat at these Oscars of the Business World” because as from last night, it’s a totally SOLD-OUT event.

Host/Comic turn for the evening of back-slapping and celebration is Scotland’s own Fred MacAuley, so it promises to be a good laugh, as well as a rewarding experience for the recipients of these prestigious awards. If you’re going, see you there. If you’ve not got a ticket, ya mug ye, you’ll be missing an absolute cracker.

A good few of us are going, as we’re hosting a table, so if you’re ‘interacting’ with any of us on the Friday after it…be gentle.