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Email that creates sparks?

Hi, first post WOOT! Thought Id get us started with some chat about email communication and how to get it right. We are writing our emailer about it just now… copy below. So how does everyone currently communicate with email templates, and have we all got our message right? Thoughts are welcome!

Chrissy out!


E-mailer communication is absolute junk-DO YOU AGREE? If you said ‘yes’ to this, perhaps we can help change your opinion? Okay, everyone’s getting bombarded with more and more irrelevant and sometimes offensive e-mail claptrap but just because Geoffrey Archer wrote some iffy novels, that didn’t mean J.K. Rowling thought that medium was a waste of time. It’s all about the right message, to the right audience. You’ll not be surprised to find out that the logistics of sending out information to important contacts, or potential clients, or even your staff is becoming increasingly simple. That’s why you get so much of it in your in-box every morning. That bit’s easy. But like every form of great communication, to make it fly, you need a bit of creativity, a simple and important message and a ready, willing and eager audience. There’s a bit more work to get that spot-on. Fortunately, that’s what we’re good at. In essence, you don’t just need to get ‘digital’ to develop effective communications. There are things like ‘tone’, great photography and paying attention to important aspects, like creativity and planning that make the difference. Some people seem to forget about this. It’s easy to fall in love with marketing that’s 100% measurable but to be REALLY effective, it’s joining everything up that is the important skill. That’s what makes the difference. Creating some sparks. Call us. Or erm…e-mail me: