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Hoss Gifford

The Second Communications Breakfast takes place on Thursday 5th May at The Corinthian Club 7.45am-9.00am.  For this breakfast, we’re delighted to have secured binary option payoff formula as our keynote speaker.

Hoss is an award-winning digital guru who’s published several books and presented at a lot of international creative and technology conferences. He’s judged awards, including D&AD and The One Show, and spent time as visiting lecturer at Glasgow School of Art. His trophy cabinet features accolades from Epica, Creative Review, Design Week, the Scottish Design Awards, and Computer Arts magazine recently featured Hoss as a Design Icon.

With a degree in architecture, he has served time as a graphic designer, worked in advertising, and has been influential in the new media industry since its inception. He also worked as a lifeguard in Pennsylvania in the eighties, a cocktail barman in Edinburgh in the nineties, and owned a BMX shop in the naughties.

Hoss is going to share his experience at the sharp end of innovation, candidly discussing both successes and failures. There will be a focus on using technology in your business, but the talk itself will not be technical. Come along and Hoss will tell you:

  • How to find out if you’re spending too much on your website
  • The question digital agencies don’t want to answer when pitching for your work
  • Three simple and cheap things you can do today to get measurable return on your investment in technology

The last event was a fully booked, standing-room-only affair. It’s a free event, you get a delicious breakfast and you get to hear a really in-demand speaker. Be quick!

If you’d like to book, click binary options tradeking

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Today was the day of the very first Corinthian Communications Breakfast!

Great weather, the luxury that is The Corinthian, fantastic foodstuffs (bacon and egg rolls from heaven, pastries and fruit) and of course, Mr Julian Westaby’s insightful and inimitable chat made for a standing-room-only event. We were knocked-out by the near 100% attendance! binary option free alert season 2