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Redwood binary options demo account, Binary option daily picks

That was a proper night! We had a right few people here on Friday for the launch of our Guerilla project, The Cammy Leon Gallery. With well over a hundred people in through the door, lots of work sold (to VERY high-profile buyers) and with lots of new friends made, we’re certainly going to be doing another.

The whole purpose of The Cammy Leon Gallery was to showcase up-and-coming art talent, but it’s done much more than that. It introduced interesting people to each other, it let proud parents see their talented kid’s work, actually up on a wall in a non-college setting, it also let artists sell some of their works, for no commission!

A highlight for me was the rich variety of live music which was featured. We had an eclectic mix of music including this guy Matthew Dickson. Mathew plays in lots of bands (The Sweet Janes/Swan Lee) and this self-penned number, (lifted off You Tube this morning) was great!

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We’re going to be featuring more art and stuff over the forthcoming weeks, on our twitter feed, on our website and here, on our blog.

We’re working on planning our next Guerrilla event and the name: The Secret Stramash of Spectacular Shenanigans, that’s going to be staying!

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It seems to have come around so quickly but it’s now here!

The Cammy Leon Gallery AKA The Secret Stramash of Spectacular Shenanigans comes to 90 Mitchell Street, as from Friday 27th November. It’s a mix of the brightest, multifaceted creative talent, from all over Scotland and if we’re being honest, we don’t really know what to expect! It’s certainly not going to be bloody boring. At the moment, it’s got a bit of  ”Guerrilla’ feel to it, which is what we’re aiming for, so that’s good! One all the work is up, it’s going to be magic! Some of the short films on display are very, very interesting as well.

Anyway, it’s packed-out already, so you’re too late for tomorrow, but if you fancy coming along to the NEXT Secret Stramash of Spectacular Shenanigans, let us know!

For those who have signed-up already, here’s what you’re getting:

Music: Coralie Bouguerra, Dougal Scott, Gavin Pierce, Gavin Troon, Jackson Scott, Martin Kinnaird. Matthew Dickson, Sean Fitzharris

Art: Alan Stanners, Arabella Hope, Eilidh Young, Joseph Stewart, Julian Westaby, Louise Emslie, Luo Toa, Margaret McPherson, Mhairi McGhee, Ruth Laila Steffenson, Silas Parry, Thea Yabut and Valor…

Film: David Hutchinson, David McNeil, Forthold Media Kim Stewart, Malcolm Morrison. Roger Griffiths

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