Standing room only!

Today was the day of the very first Corinthian Communications Breakfast!

Great weather, the luxury that is The Corinthian, fantastic foodstuffs (bacon and egg rolls from heaven, pastries and fruit) and of course, Mr Julian Westaby’s insightful and inimitable chat made for a standing-room-only event. We were knocked-out by the near 100% attendance! More

The Dunning DNA ‘Lab’ is open for business

The Dunning Lab is now open for business. Our first Social Media Marketing ‘students’ have been in to our custom-built facility to learn all about Dunning DNA and the impact it will have on their business.  Our very own Claire Dunning, a fellow and board member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing ran the first training session with Co-Director Julian Westaby.

Although Dunning DNA is Brand focused, a lot of the training we’re providing is in the area of Social Media Marketing. It’s a lot more than just sticking a Twitter and a Facebook Page up. It’s about using creative content to help you stand out from the crowd.

The Dunning DNA Lab is unique and our Social Media Marketing facility is the first purpose-built facility in Scotland. If you’d like to ‘enroll’ your team to start a Knowledge Transfer Process which will help them deliver real, measurable, valuable  results, contact us today.

It’s up

Our new site is up and as you’ll be able to see, it now properly reflects what we’re all about. This dynamic platform will allow us to highlight the latest projects and client wins and give you our latest thoughts, over all the Social Marketing platforms.

It also highlights Dunning DNA, our brand building tools, which go deep into the foundations of an organisation to build memorable and interesting brands. Our usual blog will also appear here and of course our feisty wee Twitter feed, where this week, we’ve managed to offend Keith Chegwin by mentioning The Naked Jungle, where Keith was erm…naked. You did it, Cheggers, you might as well be bare faced about it!