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“Customer emotion is more effective than customer satisfaction” – the opening statement to June’s breakfast from one of Scotland’s top marketing professionals, Claire Dunning.

Claire’s welcome return to the breakfast saw her focus on customer needs and wants. In today’s technology driven world power has shifted from companies to customers, therefore brands need to flow through multiple technologies. Every brand is a running narrative, a story-in-progress whose hero is the customer.

Claire talked us through the top ten high impact motivators that create emotional connection identified in binary option free alert season 2article published in the Harvard Business Review, and related these to a number of case studies that illustrated successful customer connection and not so successful!

The customer experience is no longer linear and is often perpetual. This was ably illustrated by The Customer Experience Lifecycle displayed as an infinity loop as outlined in forget forex succeed with a binary options strategy report from Brian Solis of Altimeter Group

We heard about the entrepreneur Joe Wicks aka binary options gambling who has experienced phenomenal growth enabled by social media, he has in fact created a ‘tribe culture’. Customers are his advocates who also provide content and success stories to enthuse others and co-create The Body Coach brand community.

Claire explained; “Power has shifted from companies to customers. The best customer experience and engagement is about being human. When a customer is truly engaged with a brand, they enroll in the tribe and membership increases loyalty, advocacy and repurchasing habits. Engaging customer experiences and emotional connection are essential for differentiation and are the lifeblood of a successful business.”

Claire is well versed in looking after and listening to customers with a wealth of experience; co-founder of branding and marketing agency Creating Sparks, past president of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and fellow and past Vice Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

The big message on the day was, focus on experiences rather than brand features and create emotional connection by casting customers as the most important members of your tribe.

A few tips shared to help us understand how to connect emotionally with customers included:

  • Target connected customers
  • Identify and quantify key motivators
  • There are no substitutes for people
  • Invest time in personalising communications
  • Build emotional connections regularly
  • A brand community shouldn’t be siloed to one channel or platform
  • You don’t have to be an upscale brand to connect emotionally
  • There is no more B2B or B2C it is Human 2 Human #H2H

Thanks again to Claire for a great presentation.

Next month we look forward to welcoming Cloch Solicitors MD Philip Hannay on Intellectual Property; Look but don’t touch

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At our May breakfast we welcomed Gillian Docherty, CEO of The Data Lab, an innovation centre helping organisations leverage the value of data for economic and social benefit.

Gillian opened up with a journey into the future, all the way to 2035 to illustrate how the world might look with the use and impact that data, robotics and artificial intelligence may have on our lives. She case studied a typical day for her daughter who will be almost 30 by then. Using biometric tattoos or chip implants our whole lives could be diarized out for us. Robots will help us around home and in work life, while driverless cars and the ‘hyper loop’ will transport us from Glasgow to London in 35 minutes for a night out on the town.

Gillian’s predictions were fascinating and the busy breakfast audience hung on her every word. She also answered any critics who said it was pie in the sky – “this technology is already being taken seriously, none of it is fiction – it is all in R&D and in some cases production. There is no holding it back!”

The big question of the day was; “how can Scotland get involved?” Scotland is a nation of inventors and it’s through innovation that we can win as a nation. The Data Lab, run by Gillian, is here to help companies drive technology and innovation. Fundamentally innovation is what drives technology and with a £20 billion opportunity for the Scottish economy Gillian is keen to get businesses collaborating to enjoy their share of what the future holds for us all.

She also showed how companies such as Aggreko and the Beatson are already benefiting from the use of algorithms to provide predictive analytics with equipment maintenance and patient treatment plans.

It was an incredibly fascinating and insightful presentation, and all in all every single profession will be disrupted by technology in the future, so let’s get involved today.

Thanks again to Gillian who can be contacted for more information:

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Next month we look forward to hearing from top marketer Claire Dunning on Brand Communities and Consumer Tribes best trading signals for binary options