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A great night was had by all at the recent O2/Dunning event at the Corinthian.  Our presentation from David Coleman of STS brought the audience bang up-do-date with smart phone technology and the O2 guys talked about how it can transform your business.

Try your hand at the quiz

Given how much technology and particularly phones have moved on from the 1980’s we decided to have a bit of an 80’s theme. No fancy dress just a good old 80’s quiz, 80’s food and some 80’s phones on display. We even tucked into a boss capital binary options demo!

It’s been so popular we’re running the event again on binary option winner. So if you want to find out about all the good things O2 are up to and how smart phones can help your business binary option robot a scam.

binary options software affiliate

I’ve been all over Scotland recently, highlighting how Social Media and a highly polished persona can really help you, irrespective of what it is you do.

Assoc of Scottish Literary Agents – Working as a Writer in the 21st Century

January 20th
50 authors attended the event, which took place in the offices of Scottish Book Trust in Edinburgh, organised by The Association of Scottish Literary Agents. As the keynote speaker of the day I was hoping to inspire and inform Authors about the opportunities within social networking. Some of the authors were already working in the area, some were not.

I talked for 45 mins about social media and used case study authors who’re already doing this well. Then, half hour Q+A session which ran over time because there was so many questions. Delegates were so enthused they went home and set up new social media accounts in Facebook and Twitter. They’re masters of the written word, so makes sense really!

Publishing Scotland – Annual Conference

February 21st
Spent the day at Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. An afternoon breakout on the broad topic of  ‘opportunities in social media’. Spoke for half an hour about the challenges and opportunities the publishing industry faces. Followed by Q+A.

Glasgow South Business Club

March 10th
80 members and guests gathered at Ibrox Park for breakfast. The guest speaker slot fell to me. I spoke about the business opportunities within the social arena, with the Q+A focusing on Linked-In and other business platforms.

Colin McKeand
“Really first class presentation from Julian Westaby. I have been to a few social media presentations/talks over the past year, this is one of the most informative I have seen.”

“He talked individually on 12 main tools of social media and then got us thinking about what we should be investing (not just cash). Also why are we doing it in the first place, what we are looking to achieve and are we serious about ‘joining in’. Not too technical either.”

Others on Twitter wrote:
“Great words from Julian this morning on making social media part of your business” – Find Me Glasgow
“Thanks for a great presentation this morning” – The Glasgow Science Centre