…More Rabbit than Sainsbury’s…

by Julian Westaby.

We have been speaking about social media again and because it’s such a fast moving topic we cover new issues and learn from other speakers and the audience every time.

Last month our MD Claire Dunning was invited to address entrepreneurs at the Scottish Institute for Enterprise Bootcamp11 at Stirling University.  Claire talked about the benefits of a strong product and personal brand when using social media marketing.

100 Years in the Making: The Changing Face of Marketing was the event held by The City of Glasgow College earlier this week to commemorate the centenary of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Professor Michael Baker, who set up the first Business School in the UK at Strathclyde University 40 years ago, spoke on Marketing in the Past Century.  Amongst many other marketing facts we learned from the Prof that despite what you might hear: “Marketing is the oldest profession in the world.”

Glasgow City Marketing Bureau’s CEO Scott Taylor informed us all about the transformation that Glasgow has gone through to now be ranked in the top ten city destinations of the world.  Scott also disclosed how often he pitched against other top cities to bring conferences and events to the city and that he “never tired of ruining Vienna or Copenhagen’s evening by successfully winning the pitch!”

Claire rounded off the evening by providing her perspective on how social media can leverage your marketing efforts in today’s digital landscape.  Claire offered some top tips that had the audience scribbling furiously and rushing home to update their LinkedIn profiles.  The common thread running throughout the evening was the importance of relationships and Claire emphasised that the foundations of networking are Know, Like and Trust.