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binary option winner

With such a topic you could be forgiven for thinking that the 3rd Communications Breakfast might have been a sedate affair; an event where everything was in order and all emotions were in check, the speaker delivering a pragmatic and informative presentation.

Well, it didn’t quite play out that way!  Yes, Paul Fletcher of Edinburgh University Business School delivered a pragmatic and informative presentation, of that there is no doubt.  However, he also demonstrated his wit, wisdom and depth of knowledge, he had the 150 strong audience laughing and left us with lots to ponder.

Paul provided us with some really valuable insights:

Did you know that a snail gathers memory in the same way humans do?

It was disappointing to hear that research shows that although Emotional Intelligence (EI) is being used it’s not that visible from a business perspective apart from a few leading brands such as M&S, Tesco and Honda.  Take a look at their advertising and it will be obvious that they resonate with their target audience – all due to their investment in EI!

So what can Emotional Intelligence actually deliver from a business perspective?  Paul asked us “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to measure:”

  • Emotional content of your advertising
  • Emotional impact of your advertising
  • Staff pulse on a daily basis
  • Brand value impact on specific audiences
  • Staff morale deeply
  • The contributors to stress
  • Motivation pre and post change

How valuable would this information be, how far ahead of your competitors would you be?  Well, EI can do all this and a whole lot more to boot!  The key to making it effective for you is all about how you embrace EI as a workable concept, how you integrate it into your strategy.

Paul and his team are applying their model with a number of key clients, for example they are working with the SFA to determine what football team has the happiest fans.  They do this by monitoring Twitter, Blogs, websites etc. looking for specifics and pulling out emotions, in effect creating an emotional heat map.  From this they then aggregate all the data to define the happiest fans.  How powerful is this information?  Imagine if you were able to know and feel your target audience this intimately, what couldn’t you achieve?

Paul summarised by telling us all that:

  • Emotion drives behaviour & not otherwise
  • Emotion is dynamic
  • Engagement is a major issue
  • Emotion can be analysed at the atomic level now

Whatever problem you are trying to solve, Emotional Intelligence can help you.

Here are some of the tweets during and after this morning’s event:

binary option robot a scam binary option malaysia forum good to meet you this morning binary option trading no minimum! Really enjoyed it & looking forward to the next one on 7th July!

binary options robot blog binary option trading no minimum really enjoyed this mornings event. Only sorry I had to rush off! binary code options trading scams 😉

@Ironwood binary option trading no minimum It was a MOST enjoyable morning. Great when a speaker has a keen sense of humour!

binary options software affiliate A very interesting and entertaining talk binary option trading no minimum this morning given by Paul Fletcher – Measuring Emotional Intelligence

binary options websites Morning! Great time binary option trading no minimum this morning – fantastic talk by Paul from binary option forexfactory & a tasty breakfast in the Corinthian

binary options profit potential Just back from binary option trading no minimum at The Corinthian. Lovely breakfast, followed by some witty wisdom from Edinburgh University’s Paul Fletcher.

binary option payoff formula binary option malaysia forum binary options momentum strategy Paul fletcher calls for more emotional intelligence in marketing and business- think Honda and M&S

binary option free alert season 2 Goodness packed at binary option trading no minimum. Help ma boab.

binary options gambling binary options trading success really interesting emotional intelligence brekkie thingie this morning. worth getting up for early morning cycle in drizzle

binary options brokers in the usa Great to catch up with some familiar faces and interesting talk at binary option trading no minimum thanks binary option malaysia forum looking forward to the next!

binary option for beginners free binary options indicator software should get using that tag! RT binary option malaysia forum: We have emotions to keep us safe, attract a mate, keep a mate etx capital binary options review

binary options robot blog Julian from binary option malaysia forum AKA Austin Powers etx capital binary options review