Managing Emotions Intelligently

by Julian Westaby.

We have a new look for the 3rd Communications Breakfast and a new website!

The Third Communications Breakfast is on Thursday 2nd June at The Corinthian Club 7.45am-9.00am.  We’ve invited Paul Fletcher- Director of Corporate Engagement – University of Edinburgh Business School.

An award-winning marketer, his pioneering work in the area of Entrepreneurship led him to work in Downing Street, advising Ian Lang and Peter Mandleson on practical entrepreneurship. He sat on the DTi’s working group on Small Business Creation and his programmes were recognised as ‘best practise’ by the European Commission.

Emotional intelligence is now deemed ‘the difference which makes the difference’ and is used by companies such as Honda and Toyota. It harnesses the power of digital thinking, to better the on-going impact of marketing and brand campaigns. ‘Web crawling’ and ‘scraping’ techniques are used by the software Paul’s team have developed, to collect data from social networks and the web in general. So, Paul’s not just finding out if people have clicked a ‘like’ button, he’s telling companies how consumers actually feel about their brands.

Measurement and intelligent management of emotions is a vital component in sophisticated marketing and staff development and Paul’s a Scot at the cutting-edge of this work. He’s now taking this knowledge around the World, so it’s of real interest to anyone looking at Social Marketing engagement.

All our breakfasts have been fully booked and we’re managing to keep Communications Breakfast free. You’ll get a delicious breakfast and be informed of what’s fast becoming ‘the next big thing’ in digital marketing. Be quick!  BOOK HERE