Standing room only!

by Julian Westaby.

Today was the day of the very first Corinthian Communications Breakfast!

Great weather, the luxury that is The Corinthian, fantastic foodstuffs (bacon and egg rolls from heaven, pastries and fruit) and of course, Mr Julian Westaby’s insightful and inimitable chat made for a standing-room-only event. We were knocked-out by the near 100% attendance!

Over 80 guests helped us launch the first ‘Corinthian Communications Breakfast’

Julian took the challenge of speaking at an inaugural event squarely on the chin and enlightened the 80-odd (incredibly wide-awake) members of the breakfast audience on a VERY broad topic: ‘Social Media’. A huge subject obviously but one dealt with at pace, to allow for questions from the very engaging crowd.

A diverse group were in attendance including those from Letting Agents, Yoga Practitioners, Bio Fuel Companies, Universities and Renewable Energy companies, so questions were very forthcoming.

It was clear there are many different opinions and our overall view, ‘Social Media, it’s not an option any more‘ wasn’t one that everyone totally agreed with. It was clear that there’s still an element of fear involved, when it comes to engaging with the Digital environment. Some felt reticence to get involved because of the perceived ‘negative PR’ aspects of Social Media and the lack of control. The perhaps understandable point of view that people could (and therefore, probably would) say bad things about your organisation.

Others thought the transparent nature of knowing exactly what everyone thinks about your company to be the very positive aspect of developing a strong digital profile.

We gleaned from this that the whole ‘Social’ aspect and the myriad platforms are just tools. If you’ve got a flawed service or product (or even a great service) people will still get the word out about you, whether you engage enthusiastically with your audience, or not.

There were loads of questions from ‘the floor’

Jules finished by mentioning a simple Policy and a straightforward Strategy were the two important things to clearly map out, before going anywhere near any ‘social’ platforms.

Outline the things your team can say, clarify objectives you need to meet and allocate responsibility to the members of your team who now actually get involved with ‘social; even if this might include rewriting job specifications or re-allocating resources.

Only once you’ve got this plan in place and everyone knows which part they’re playing, can you truly roll your sleeves up and get creative!

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Thanks to Stewart Cunningham at Great Scot Photography for the great photos