Some people took erm…Liberties!

by Julian Westaby.

Thanks to all those people who entered our ‘Where are the Statues of Liberty in Glasgow?’ competition at the end of last year.

The answer, (knowing the clever peeps in Glasgow) is never straightforward. In fact, we were surprised, as potential bottle of whisky drinkers highlighted a HUGE number of ‘Statue of Liberty-esque creations that we didn’t know about. Statue anoraks, be prepared to be enlightened!

Of course, the sort of famous one is really ‘Truth’ from ‘Truth, Riches and Honour’ which is high on the Jubilee pediment, on the City Chambers in George Square. By James Alexander Ewing

(1843-1900) it’s possibly his most prestigious commission. It’s known as ‘Glasgow’s Statue of Liberty’ (yes, pedants out there we KNOW it’s not ACTUALLY the Statue of Liberty) due to its resemblance to the similarly posed, but very much larger, statue in New York harbour.

However, as hopeless Irish Comedian Jimmy Crickett used to say, “C’mere, there’s more”! Where to start, there’s also Merchants’ House Buildings, 7 West George Street. ‘The Statue of Liberty’ also stands at attic level on the east corner of the south façade. There’s a mini one on top of a row of posh tenements on Queens Drive (opposite Queens Park, end of Victoria Road). There is also someone who referred to one that USED to stand at 229 Dumbarton Road, attic level, west corner,  (the old Sovereign Boot Co Building, which is now a supermarket) T A Ewing’s Piano warehouse in Sauchiehall St, (which is now a nightclub whose name constantly changes) has one. There’s also People’s Palace in Glasgow Green (without a torch, so cheating there).

Finally certainly NO plaudits for the people who took photos of the many inflatable Statues of Liberty, available in ‘pound stores’ the length and breadth of the City Centre!

The first name out of the electronic hat is…. Joanna Macleod from SgurrEnergy in Glasgow.