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‘Glasgow’s Miles Better’ well at least that’s what we were told back in the 90’s by a giant yellow Mr Man! Oh, how times move on and undoubtedly ‘Glasgow really is Scotland with Style’ with truly 21st century appealing assets that compete and win time and again bringing international visitors to enjoy our Dear Green Place.

The September breakfast was all about Glasgow: The Brand and the audience were inspired by Tom Rice, Head of Marketing for Glasgow City Marketing Bureau who wears his passion for Glasgow proudly on his sleeve – and his lapel badge.

Many yearn to “belong to Glasgow” and hearing the incredible achievements of the city since the 80’s made the audience puff up with pride and rightly so because we are setting the trend in more ways than one, did you know:

  • Glasgow is the only city in the world which can lay claim to hosting both the Olympic Games in 2012 and the Commonwealth Games in 2014
  • Glasgow is the only city in the UK to have a Major Events Charter
  • The MOBO’s were here in 2009, they’re back in 2011, 2013 and 2015

No wonder Glasgow receives plaudits such as:

“Brimming with style and culture, Scotland’s biggest city is a revelation”

Time Magazine

“Glasgow dazzles as a hotbed of flair and friendliness: The coolest city in the UK”

National Geographic

Tom talked about many aspects of Glasgow and its offerings. During the Q + A session James Andrew, president of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, raised the issue of connectivity which is of paramount importance to Glasgow and Scotland.

Glasgow Chamber would like to offer all Communication Breakfast delegates a 20% discount for their forthcoming Transport Summit on 09.09.11. The ‘Connect to Compete’ summit will cover air route development, high speed rail and vital freight connections. binary option forexfactory

The tweets were being fired out during the event and sum it up succinctly:

@dunningdesignbinary options profit potential: Dunning, binary option robot zkušenosti is now trending in binary option payoff formula binary options tradeking” all down to binary options momentum strategy binary option free alert season 2 🙂

@caroledunlop Brimming with love for Glasgow after great presentation on marketing our wonderful city. forget forex succeed with a binary options strategy binary option free alert season 2 binary options trading success

@pieterrosenthal Well done Tom Rice forget forex succeed with a binary options strategy on presenting such a great vision of Glasgow. The city of ‘cool’, even Brad Pitt says so. binary option free alert season 2

Thanks to Stewart Cunningham of binary option sure win strategy for the magic pictures

best trading signals for binary options

Unless you’ve just landed from some alien planet, (maybe one with zombies?) then you’ll know Brad Pitt and the makers of the new Hollywood, soon to be ‘Blockbuster’, World War Z are in town – and everyone seems to be excited!

Now we’re not trying to jump on the press bandwagon with headlines and japes such as, when it started raining yesterday: “Brad soon learns the Scottish weather is the Pitts” and “You can turn up any Saturday night in Glasgow and film Zombies”.  What we’re interested in is whether we should change all the American signs back to British once they are all packed up and gone?

We popped out one lunchtime and made our way to J F Kennedy Boulevard, erm, I mean Cochrane Street and took a few piccies and here’s what we found:

‘Emergency Snow Route’ – could be useful given the recent winters

‘No Soliciting’ – Great, there’s too many lawyers anyway…

I see we can even buy the Philadelphia Enquirer, could make a welcome change to the Evening Times

We couldn’t resist photographing all the different state number plates we also came across.

So what are your thoughts have you a good reason why certain signs should be left up? – We’d love to hear from you and we’ll put the best ideas on our website and give you a credit, it’s just a bit of fun so get your creative hat on.

[flv:/videos/WWZblog.flv /videos/WWZ_vidIntro.jpg 580 423]