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If 40 per cent of trips in Scotland are taken by those who live here, should we urge Scots to forget their passports and discover the ‘staycation’ phenomenon? After all, a recent, £250,000 drive behind it expects to generate £7.5 million for Scotland. So, preaching to the sort-of-converted is a good thing.

 However, there’s other more luxury side of the coin. We now compete in a Global marketplace AND people are seeking ‘above-and-beyond’ adventures and more excitement in their travels.

It seems that Luxury and Adventure Travel could also be very important to Scotland. The travel elite don’t just want to stay in 5-star hotels anymore, they want to jump out of helicopters to go skiing, get car tours around idyllic spots, arrange personalised art and culture tours… Anything, as long as it’s THEIR holiday. A bespoke holiday.

If they’ve got the money, they can find any number of specially organised holiday packages, in any number of far-flung destinations. So, whether they want to plan a unique cruise or go on a tour of the finest 5-star restaurants in Scotland, it’s going to be up to all of us to make sure our visitors find us. In times of media meltdown, you can’t relay on ‘traditional’ channels. The secret to this is bespoke Social marketing.

If you’d like to find out how you can harness the power of Social Marketing to create bespoke, customised marketing to attract bespoke, customised guests, perhaps binary option trading no minimum.

binary options robot blog

Our new site is up and as you’ll be able to see, it now properly reflects what we’re all about. This dynamic platform will allow us to highlight the latest projects and client wins and give you our latest thoughts, over all the Social Marketing platforms.

It also highlights Dunning DNA, our brand building tools, which go deep into the foundations of an organisation to build memorable and interesting brands. Our usual blog will also appear here and of course our feisty wee Twitter feed, where this week, we’ve managed to offend Keith Chegwin by mentioning The Naked Jungle, where Keith was erm…naked. You did it, Cheggers, you might as well be bare faced about it!