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Social Media Marketing Training

Are you fed up with the ‘social media marketing’ over-hype?

Are you just really keen to get you (or your marketing team) trained and REALLY confident in this area?

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What else do you get?

To help you, to help yourself, our Lab is an interactive experience. You’ll try out and work on all the platforms you’ll be using (Twitter, Facebook. LinkedIn), to help make your Social Media Marketing strategy a success. You’ll also get tips on how social marketing can get you appointments, make you money and how you’ll recoup the time you invest in it.

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If you’re based in Glasgow there are also a number of excellent training grants available at the moment. We’ll guide you through the process of how to get awarded them.

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#themeet140 Inspires

On Thursday the 19th of August a couple of the @DunningDesign Team attended #themeet140 in the Lansdowne pub in the west end of Glasgow. Julian represented Dunning and Claire ‘came out’ as the face behind @skelptarse to much amusement and ‘I should have guessed’ type remarks.

The event was incredibly well attended with over 120 eager Tweeters talking to each other IRL. Whilst a great networking experience in itself, the more remarkable outputs  have been the blogs that the relationships established and/or strengthened have inspired.

Claire met @blessedsister on entering the Lansdowne and was inspired enough by her blog 140 Strangers…! to post this in reply:

Hi Blessed Sister,

Now we are no longer strangers and I reckon that happened two seconds after we introduced ourselves, I feel at ease asking ‘how did your exam go?’ I do hope that you felt as comfortable with the questions as you did at the #themeet140.

It was great to meet you, I love the fact that these IRL events bring people together, who on paper, you wouldn’t imagine meeting under any other circumstances. I love that Twitter has the power of parity and creates the opportunity to engage with so many interesting individuals who are ready to share, talk and laugh together at the drop of a Stetson.

The diversity of conversations is amazing and minute by minute characteristics start to emerge that draw you towards people who you might typically dismiss because they dress differently, their career is at the opposite end of the scale from yours or sadly you feel inexplicably uneasy about. If Twitter were a country it would be Switzerland because it appears to have a global neutrality that swaddles us in a blanket of eager enthusiasm to bond with our fellow tweeters whenever we meet in person. Our need to form an instant opinion is suspended and a sense of openness and sharing kicks in, no barriers are in place and all our masks are off. It’s a case of this is who I am warts and all and I’m keen to accept you in your raw state too. We all seem to wear our hearts on our sleeves with the simple mission of ‘I’ll be your friend if you’ll be mine’.

It appears to be innate in all of us to approach our Twitter community this way. I try not to analyse this behaviour too much, however I think the operative word here is community and to copy your use of quotations to make a point I propose John Donne hit the nail on the head when he said ‘No man is an island’.

Until the next #themeet140 indeed!

In the meantime keep tweeting


Not to be outdone @nmpMartin said he had been partly inspired by Claire Dunning (@skelptarse), who made a shout out for people to stop relying on the thoughts of other people so much and put out original thoughts, so he posted his blog titled Which type are you? where he discusses four distinct types of people using social media. It’s an interesting article and well worth a read.

May we be as bold to suggest that if you’re not following the people mentioned then do so and get yourselves hooked up with #themeet140 team to participate in future inspiring events, it’s definitely worth it:)

University of the West of Scotland inducted into the Skillset Media Academy

University of the West of ScotlandMedia Academies are Centres of Excellence in the teaching of Media production. There are around 22 in the UK. If you compare this with the number of Further Education establishments in the UK, it’s clear, it’s not that easy to become a Member of this prestigious gang.

For a start, there’s a process which involves a detailed approvals visit in the form of an inspection. After this, a rigorous process takes place with the staff and students covering criteria which includes Interviews, Staff appraisal, Business Planning Research and examining Work experience processes.

As a Board Member of Skillset Scotland, our own Julian Westaby was an ‘Industry Representative’ during the recent process of deciding whether University of West of Scotland (UWS) should gain induction to the Media Academy. What made it doubly interesting is that they’d tried in the past to become part of ‘The Academy’ but hadn’t quite been able to come up with the goods.

It made this re-appraisal all the more delicate because it was clear they’d have to show a marked improvement. As part of this re-appraisal, Julian, along with a specially-selected group of representatives from the Skillset board had to meet the Senior Management of UWS and students, tour the University, gather evidence on the day, offer his professional advice and provide his expert opinion regarding the whole process.

Skillset offered high-level expertise in the development of the UWS Creative Media Academy and have just completed this process with the University. We’re pleased to say that they now have been appointed as a Member of the Media Academy and this is clearly a very good thing for Scotland, as it puts them in beside some very exalted company – Congratulations UWS.