University of the West of Scotland inducted into the Skillset Media Academy

by Julian Westaby.

University of the West of ScotlandMedia Academies are Centres of Excellence in the teaching of Media production. There are around 22 in the UK. If you compare this with the number of Further Education establishments in the UK, it’s clear, it’s not that easy to become a Member of this prestigious gang.

For a start, there’s a process which involves a detailed approvals visit in the form of an inspection. After this, a rigorous process takes place with the staff and students covering criteria which includes Interviews, Staff appraisal, Business Planning Research and examining Work experience processes.

As a Board Member of Skillset Scotland, our own Julian Westaby was an ‘Industry Representative’ during the recent process of deciding whether University of West of Scotland (UWS) should gain induction to the Media Academy. What made it doubly interesting is that they’d tried in the past to become part of ‘The Academy’ but hadn’t quite been able to come up with the goods.

It made this re-appraisal all the more delicate because it was clear they’d have to show a marked improvement. As part of this re-appraisal, Julian, along with a specially-selected group of representatives from the Skillset board had to meet the Senior Management of UWS and students, tour the University, gather evidence on the day, offer his professional advice and provide his expert opinion regarding the whole process.

Skillset offered high-level expertise in the development of the UWS Creative Media Academy and have just completed this process with the University. We’re pleased to say that they now have been appointed as a Member of the Media Academy and this is clearly a very good thing for Scotland, as it puts them in beside some very exalted company – Congratulations UWS.