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We’re making a pretty good job of getting all the media forces working together for our clients. We reckon we’re also injecting a great deal of creativity, into the whole mad mix that’s generally referred to as ‘social media’. Yup, we’d like to think that a lot of what we do is fairly cutting-edge and quite, no, make that definitely, rather clever.

However, every now and again, something so creative comes along that it simply fills you with a sense of awe. It makes you realise that with cutting-edge digital technology and a creative mind, literally ANYTHING is possible. One such piece of ‘we’re not worthy’-ness work has emerged recently. Unusually, it’s come from what some might say is the unlikely creative melting-pot of… Scandinavia.

Basically, it’s a truly amazing ‘viral’ with cinematic qualities, which was created by boss capital binary options demo in Stockholm and it’s taking the Internet and all the Social platforms by storm.

Together with their partners, binary option winner and binary option robot a scam (we see what they’ve done with their name there!) they’ve made the most successful global, viral-interactive film-ever. It’s also interesting to see that like anything great that’s being done at the moment, it’s a result of great partnerships. Flying solo is clearly not the way to do it.

Anyway, this remarkable bit of technology-meets-creativity has received over 14 million unique visits within 8 weeks, When you try it, (by uploading a photograph of yourself or a loved-one), you’ll soon see why. It’s amazing because in this cinema trailer, YOU’RE the star, or in this case. ‘The Hero’.

We’ll not keep you in suspenders any more. Have a look at exactly what we’re talking about by clicking binary option malaysia forum. In a few minutes, when you’ve stopped being amazed, wee-ing yourself laughing and sending it out to everyone you know, you’ll get round to thinking… ‘How on earth did they bloody do that’!?

Brilliant work, Scandi blokes and bloke-ettes.