That Hitler, he's a funny guy!

by Julian Westaby.

There’s an unlikely headline. So how come the World’s most hated man is funny? There’s lots of stuff floating through the Internet but one of the consistently funny things are the ‘Hitler’ videos that have been circulating the Globe.

The actual idea sounds a bit naff; take an existing bit of footage from a foreign language film (admittedly a very gripping film) and simply add subtitles to it. It doesn’t really sound too promising, until you actually see one of these mini masterpieces. The videos cover everything from the ‘Trams’ situation in Edinburgh through to Manchester United football matches and everything in-between.

The very latest being one we knocked up last night about the Glasgow Airport Rail Link. The language used is erm…choice (definitely not for kids or sensitive office environments).


The film in question is Downfall (German: Der Untergang) a 2004 German-Austrian drama film, depicting the final ten days of Adolf Hitler’s life in his Berlin bunker. It’s incredibly bleak and is possibly the deliberately un-funniest film you’ll ever watch. In effect, that’s what make the videos so hilarious.

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