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The new website is up-and-running but very much as a ‘soft’ launch. What we’ve done is simply to ‘join-up’ our website to included all the other aspects we do now, our blog, our twitter, the things we have up on Linkedin, our images on Flickr…mini movies and presentations we’re creating…it’s non-stop.

There’s no finishing line now and our website will never be complete, it’s a moving, living, breathing, organic thing. In essence it’s simply a shop window for our creativity and because of this, it’ll be getting constantly updated, as we release the exciting new projects we’re working on.

Everyone’s diffferent though and some of our clients feel they need much more, (or indeed much less) on their website. Whatever approach you feel you need, the two important things to bear in mind are the update-ability and the ease of use.  It you don’t have both of these, you’re doing it wrong. Up-to-date and easy, there’s no real arguement here, believe us!

We were speaking last week of using Cars as an analogy. The automobile. Lift the bonnet of any new car now and what you’ll see is simply a black plastic cover, okay maybe a windscreen water bottle as well. This lump of plastic is shielding a hugely complex array of electronics, increasingly sophisticated engine parts and patented wizardry.

The thing is, people don’t know (and most of them don’t really care) what makes their new car more fuel-efficient, faster and vastly more reliable than ever before. They don’t want to know how it works. However this increased excellence has had a converse effect on the driving experience. Even fire-breathing, 200mph Lamborghinis are really simple to drive these days. Anyone with a normal car licence can drive one with the minimum of fuss.

Like even the most exotic of motor cars, your website or any digital presence can of course, be hugely complex and contain layers of cutting-edge technology and information but… it’s got to be simple and really easy for ANYONE to navigate through.

So, the new site you’re planning: Could your mum understand it and ‘drive’ it? Does it have a minimum of buttons and are the gizmos easy to use, or second nature to operate? It it pleasing to the eye, with gorgeous images and clever use of words? If  so, well done, you’ve passed what we call ‘The Granny Test’

If not, contact us!

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We had a bit of posh lunchy-poos in The Corinthian today, with all the corporate friends of Glasgow’s Citizens’s theatre. As  ‘pals’ of the place, we obviously like Glasgow’s innovative theatre space, which nestles in the Gorbals, but is  just a few minutes from the ‘main drag’ of the City Centre. Amazingly, the ‘Citz’ as all ‘wegies’ call it, has been on the go since the 1940’s and it’s had a right few famous people through the doors.

I found out today that one of today’s speakers, ex-Glasgow Lord Provost Liz Cameron was totally gutted to find out Rupert Everett was a gay man. He is? You learn something new every day. Anyway, unbeknown to me, famous thespian metrosexual Rupert, he cut his teeth at the Citz and he’s only one of a string of famous people who have ties with this Glasgow theatre Institution. Iain Cuthbertson whose funeral, sadly was today, he also ran the place for a while. You’ll remember him for lots of roles but as Charlie Endell in’ Budgie’ and the Baddie in TV’s  ‘Supergran’, he was a childhood idol of mine. Ahh Supergran…Billy Connolly sung the theme tune as well.

Anyway, enough about Supergran…the Citz, check the website out, support it, go. It’s not stuffy, it’s different and…interesting!

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