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Is television now dead or is it just resting?


The chat round our Monday morning Chablis at Dunning towers was the ‘quite remarkable’ (as David Coleman used to say) story that the next England International Football game is ONLY going to be available for footie fans to view over the Internet. For a fee of anything between a fiver or a tenner (depending on when you sign-up) you’ll get access to the streaming of this bit of football history. It’s NOT going to be on television for the first time ever. England v Ukraine at a laptop near you!

It’s all been happening in the football arena as this comes hot on the heels of the mighty Kilwinning Rangers announcing that they’ve covered a game on Twitter a Scottish first, according to them. How exactly this is going to work is obviously going to be the most interesting part but we’ll definitely be checking it out, if it turns out to be a success.

At the tail-end of last week, it was also announced that Internet advertising had surpassed TV advertising in the UK for the first time ever, so it set us thinking, is sport on TV finished? Is TV finished?

One of our Directors,  Julian Westaby had a discussion with a VERY senior TV executive last week and it’s clear that things are definitely changing for telly. But these changes could indeed turn out be the saviour of Television. So, how’s this going to work then?

Well, because it’s all very new, we’re not going to come up with a single, concise answer here. Telly execs have been wracking their brains and still are not all that sure what shape the future will be! However, this might be a move away from ‘Broadcasting’ in its truest sense (sending out one programme to a large, generic, UK television audience) to creating content-rich, regional programming which is sent out to a smaller but much more dedicated and selected audience. This audience will find the programming MUCH more interesting and a lot more relevant to their tastes. Because of this, advertisers will be keen to engage with audiences who fit-in EXACTLY with their products and services. So from Broadcasting, to Narrowcasting. Hmm, that would be different.

Anyway, we’re getting ground-breaking stories every week on ‘firsts’ and ‘convergence’ and you could argue that the emergence of new and flexible platforms is nothing new. There used to be a cinema on every corner, because nobody had a telly. Then, there wasn’t. So it should not come as too much of a surprise that now everyone’s on the Internet, things will be changing. Interesting times though.

The Oscars of The Business World

bannerGlasgow Business Awards

Next Thursday, the Glasgow Business Awards take place at the Crowne Plaza on the banks of the Clyde. Once again, it’s been sponsored by our chums at Bank of Scotland. There are nine awards up for grabs and Dunning are sponsoring our own special award for ‘The Best Performing Business with under 25 Employees’. We’ve also created the brand and designed all the presentations for the evening, so it’s obviously going to be a top-notch, black tie ‘do’.

We’ve been heavily-involved in the whole judging process and what this means is, we know who all the Winners are! Of course, there’s absolutely no danger we’re going to tell you who each winner, in each of the nine categories is. Well, we could but we’d then have to kill you.

Further bad news is, you can’t get a seat at these Oscars of the Business World” because as from last night, it’s a totally SOLD-OUT event.

Host/Comic turn for the evening of back-slapping and celebration is Scotland’s own Fred MacAuley, so it promises to be a good laugh, as well as a rewarding experience for the recipients of these prestigious awards. If you’re going, see you there. If you’ve not got a ticket, ya mug ye, you’ll be missing an absolute cracker.

A good few of us are going, as we’re hosting a table, so if you’re ‘interacting’ with any of us on the Friday after it…be gentle.

Down wiv da kidz!

Down wiv da kidz

Down wiv da kidz

When Mr Westaby was a lad, he didn’t get the chance to interact with the concept of  ‘Speed dating’. He simply went to the pictures when courting, to see the new fangled ‘talkies’ which were all the rage, way back then.

So, when Julian told us he was to  introduce over 50 schoolkids from Dunbartonshire and Helensburgh to his cookie concept of ‘Speed-Branding‘, to gauge their perceptions of branding and marketing, we were a bit sceptical. “Aren’t 16-18 year old kids a bit of a lost cause, the so-called ‘hoodie-generation’ we keep reading about in the ‘Red Tops’?”, we said. Well, we would have said that, if we’d been suckered-into believing everything the tabloids spew out. Truth be told, we do a fair amount to help Schools and Colleges, so we get to know (as does anyone in the education process) that’s it’s not doom and gloom. Kids today aren’t all Facebook zombies. They’re bright, inquisitive and being brought up in an environment where they’re subjected to LOADS of images and messages. Okay, not all of these messages are good, but it could surprise you just how discerning and sophisticated someone in their mid-to- late teens can be. They know LOTS. It’s not all a mad ‘Kevin and Perry’ type-scenario, as certain sections of the media would have you believe.

However, having said that, when Dunning Director, Julian Westaby gave an assortment of kids, from an assortment of Schools in the Glasgow-shire area a brief to create a new Energy drink’, he wasn’t really sure what to expect. Especially as his totally bonkers rules, for his new  ‘Speed-Branding’ concept dictated they all had only 20 minutes to create an outline concept, a marketing campaign and a presentation for this newly-invented soft drink!

As the pic above shows (Julian is the guy in the pink shirt, obviously) it was full-steam-ahead and unbridled enthusiasm which ruled the day in the classrooms.  Lots of ‘creative spark’ (see what we did there?) and a vast amount of clever thinking meant Julian left being somewhat astounded at the quality of joined-up thinking and strategy he’d encountered. So much so, that there was one particularly sound idea that had one of the kids asking Julian if he’d like to part with a few quid of his own money, to back the young and thrusting entrepreneur in question. This ‘kid’ wanted to take his drink idea to market! Nice try young man. We’ve tried to squeeze a drink out of Julian as well, it’s not quite that easy!

So there you have it. Kids,  ‘Young Adults’ …call them what you will, there’s hope! Learning can be fun, kids can have great ideas and even a man in a pink shirt and a pinstripe suit doesn’t put them off. We think Julian blew his chance to become a Red Bull-type drinks magnate, with his own Formula 1 team!

To see more of Julian’s lovely pink shirt and find out about entrepreneurial Scottish Schoolkids, check out this link

As we mentioned, we like getting involved with Schools, Colleges, placements, lecture opportunities because we like the sound of our own voices. Eh? No, sorry, that should read …because we think it’s great for our Industry and Scotland’s future. Yes, that’s what we meant to say. Whitney Houston said “I believe the children are our future” …but then again, she also said “My name is not Susan” so don’t take too much notice of her. Take it from us though, if you want Scottish school and University leavers to have creative, business minds, it’s up to us, in  creative businesses to help them achieve this.

Right, sermon over, we feel better for that.