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Gallery Opening-This Friday

Glasgow’s most exciting, multi-faceted new Gallery space opens it’s doors for the first time ever, on Friday November 27th. There’s really too much happening to talk about here but it’s basically a hotbed of all the creative talent in West of Scotland. With every form of visual arts being represented and with a number of musical genres being featured, there will be something to interest everyone. However, space is limited and it’s therefore by invite only. If you fancy coming along, send us an email and we’ll tell you more.

The Secret Stramash of Spectacular Shenanigans!

It’s happening! Opening Friday 27th November!

We’ve been wanting to create a City Centre ‘gallery’-type space for ages and to those ends, we’ve been engaging with a number of Scotland’s cleverest Art students and recent graduates, to bring this to fruition. The fruits of their (so far) secret labours are about to be revealed! Our brief to them; ‘create Scotland’s best showcase gallery for hot new creative talent, of any kind’ was very open and in essence, the young and exciting team have had carte blanche to do something REALLY different. So, what we’ve now got is much more than just a warmed-up, one-dimensional Degree show. It’s a creative hotbed of the best talent, anywhere in Scotland, all in one place.

The Cammy Leon Gallery provides an opportunity for artists and designers, working across a multitude of disciplines, to interact.  This new space is set to juxtapose the painters with the designers, the sculptors with the photographers, the animators with the architects, the filmmakers with the illustrators… and of course, throwing some music in there too!

Artists and designers working in different disciplines will engage and exhibit across a broader spectrum of creative practice.  It’ll be a platform for collaboration and interaction, and an opportunity to create awareness of up and coming ‘creatives’ from every arena, keen to expose their talents to a wider audience.

There’s a number of exciting aspects we’re still working on but if you check the various social media platforms we’re on, you’ll see the latest creative input, as it’s added. As well as all this, there will be a number of special attractions, treats and happenings on the night. Probably a bit of a bevvy-up as well!

If you fancy going to this very special event, it’s strictly BY INVITE ONLY so e-mail us: to tell us why you should be one of the people coming along!


The World's Greatest Explorer does 'stand-up'!


If you’d been invited to listen to a speech by an Old Etonian, who’s a distant relative of the Royal family, you might be inclined to think it would be well worth a body-swerve. However, when said Old Etonian is none other than Sir Ranulph Fiennes, if you’d suddenly remembered an urgent dentist’s appointment, you’d have missed out.

We were present at the SCDI Annual Dinner and International Awards at Edinburgh’s EICC last weekend, where the ‘World’s Greatest Living Explorer’ explained, in his own unique, dry, witty and incredibly-understated way, how he’s managed to do…well, just about blinkin’ everything.

In modern-day life, hyperbole abounds and lots of ‘famous-for-15-minutes’ stars are eulogised for their ‘inner strength’, allowing them to get through to the next round in a dancing competition or winning a karaoke-type singing contest…Sir Ranulph’s unbelievable tales about his truly extraordinary life really gave proper perspective to the use of the phrase Positive Mental Attitude. Losing half of your fingers to frostbite might be a life-changing scenario to most people but to Sir Ranulph, it was merely a ‘small mistake’ and a minor irritation in his frankly unbelievable drive to do things everyone would only just dream of achieving. He responded by doing a bit of DIY surgery, cutting the tips of his OWN fingers off and carrying on! He simply has to be one of the most amazing human beings. That might sound ridiculous but his list of achievements beggars belief.  ‘Google’ him and you’ll see what we mean.

We’ve attended a number of events where ‘the great and the good’ have been wheeled-out to tell their ‘how I made it’ stories but we can’t really think of anyone who could hold a candle to Ranulph Fiennes’ story. He’s done so much, it’s a bit pointless trying to sum it up here and it’s clear that just ONE of the aspects of his life, his time in the SAS for instance, would make an incredibly entertaining book. The old adage is that everyone’s got a good book in them. If that’s the case, Sir Ranulph’s got a fair sized-library in him. In short, he’s a bloody amazing character!

Anyway, this is getting away from what was going to be the main point of this blog: the fact that the SCDI Annual Dinner and International Awards on Friday were rather good. As we were the creative force behind the look and feel of the event, we’re delighted it looked so good but lots of hard work by everyone at SCDI (not just us!) made this a cracking event. Everything really deserves a mention but as we march on our stomachs, we thought the grub, created by Leith’s deserved a special mention. Again, we’ve been to a few, so a fine dining experience at an Awards do? Yup, it was that good.

So, the things to take from our attendance? Well, we think Sir Ranulph should be a judge on the next X-Factor, we think having fun at Awards ceremonies is great and we’re hoping that the general ‘business’ positivity we experienced on Friday will  continue into next year. Things appear to be getting a whole lot better!