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  1. binary option robot a scam says:

    You ask: ‘are we right in condemning a Daily Mail article for perhaps being a bit homophobic?’ Firstly, yes. And secondly, this was a lot worse than being ‘a bit homophobic’.

    This isn’t about the right to offer an opinion – Mo*r attempts to ‘prove’ a point. For example, she links Gately’s death to that of Kevin McGee. The only thing they have in common is that they are both dead gay men. She’s suggesting that being gay killed them. To me, that’s worthy of criticism, if not for being nasty, certainly for being cretinous.

    Maybe check out my take on this – I agree the Daily Mail has a job to do. But this idea that there are a bunch of ‘liberals’ running around causing trouble is nonsense: binary option trading no minimum

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