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Binary options strategies for directional and volatility trading pdf, Binary options system that works

  1. binary option winner says:

    I’m not a designer but interested in design. I often would visit the Lighthouse and have a coffee or look at the shop if I was in Glasgow but it was difficult to find if you didn’t know where it was. I did itnroduce it to a Glasgwegian friend who never knew about it. Even a sandwich board on Buchannan st would have helped people find it easier. Wandering down a dark and gloomy lane it had no ‘kerb appeal’ But the idea that something similar is opening almost concurrently is a bit depressing in terms of yes bad planning and management.

    • binary option malaysia forum says:

      Sounds to me that you are driving up the middle of the road. Is your argument that The Lighthouse should have rivaled Kelvingrove? Come on Dunnings. That is a leap to far!

      Kelvingrove is great. I love it. It is also heavily ‘subsidised to death’. I am not sure I paid last time I went there.

      Trongate 103 will house organisations that individually have strong creative legacies. Surely we can cannot ask that the occupiers create and exhibit work that is ‘mega-inclusive’. As a highbrow aesthete I beseech you! NO!

      In your view is the legacy of The Lighthouse one of failure to attract footfall? A bit unfair on all the good people working in education and development, who have just lost their livelihoods. A bit unfair to a high number of creative businesses that have been supported by The Lighthouse over the last ten years. A bit unfair on the recognition The Lighthouse has received internationally.

      Speak to most people in the know and they will be clear in identifying the where the failings sat. Any organisation that cannot change will suffer.

      The Lighthouse is not Kelvingrove. Kelvingrove is not Traongate 103. Trongate 103 is not the Lighthouse. We need them all.

  2. binary option malaysia forum says:

    I get a bit fed up with the ‘preaching to the converted’ tag line that The Lighthouse has been labeled with. Our city fathers (and mothers) provide libraries even though some do not read, leisure centres even though many choose not to exercise, and even schools though many of us are childless. Why cannot we have centres for art and design that satisfy particular audiences? I am clearly pompous and arty farty enough to differentiate between the two. I am also aware of great educational and outreach work undertaken by The Lighthouse. When it comes to culture why do we have to work to the lowest common denominator? Come on Dunnings. Make a creative leap!

  3. binary code options trading scams says:

    Agree on many of the points you make and we do mention that we think you’ve GOT to drive up design and creativity. It’s what we do! However, you can’t run ANY place that ‘has to wipe its own arse’ to use a vulgar revenue-driving term, if it’s empty. If it’s got to make money, it’s got to get visitors.

    Also, your argument is shot down in flames by the example of Kelvingrove Art Gallery. Visionary, outrageously stuffed with high art, very appealling to pompous arty farties but also mega-inclusive and educational. My wee boy who’s nine, loves it. Of course, it’s subsidised to death but it’s also the Jewel in the Crown of all Scotland’s Arts and Tourism attractions. 1,000,000 people a year agree with me. I’d chain myself to the railings if they thought about closing it. With the Lighthouse, only a few highbrow aesthetes gave a stuff and that’s why it shut. Unlike Kelvingrove, it wasn’t the best of its kind in Glasgow, let alone Europe.

    • binary code options trading scams says:

      We’re not extorting cheap laughs and certainly not sniggering at people losing their jobs but merely openly commenting on a fundamental cornerstone, that was very important to anyone operating in Scotland’s ‘creative’ arena.

      Having exhibited (and spoken) at The Lighthouse a fair bit and been members of the Lighthouse-based Creative Entrepreneurs Club, we reckon we’ve got a pretty good understanding of what The Lighthouse was all about. Coming from this position, if it WAS all a bit above our head, a bit too clever for us and we actually didn’t understand ‘the institution’ (there’s a potential joke here we think), this surely must have contributed to the failings of the place?

      It’s clear it had a much broader remit than ‘architecture’. That slightly snobbish point of view might also have had something to do with the demise of The Lighthouse.

      Oh, the word you were after is ‘complementary’.

      • binary options websites says:

        If in doubt, resort to name calling. Well done.

        The Lighthouse wasn’t supposed to focus on hard, commercial reality, it’s remit went way beyond that, extending as it did into education, research and development, community building, and among a great deal of other things, being an ambassador for design and architecture in Scotland. You’ve failed to mention all of this, and that the centre did all of these things very successfully until recent years. It also created a great deal of revenue, and supported itself extremely well, again until recently.

        If you’re genuinely interested in talking about the Lighthouse and it’s future, why not sign up at:

        binary option forexfactory

        I’m sure everyone there would love to hear your ideas.

  4. Scott says:

    This appears to have been written with little or no understanding of either institution, their purpose or intended audience.

    The two centres (one architectural based, one arts based) should have been complimentary helping to strengthen Glasgow’s position as a centre of art and culture within Scotland, Britain, Europe and beyond.

    Schadenfreude and cheap laughs from anyone in Glasgow’s creative community is not welcomed in this situation.

    • binary code options trading scams says:

      It’s turning into the usual arty-farty, po-faced debate that’s not based in any way on hard, commercial reality, which unfortunately The Lighthouse had to, (or was supposed to) focus on. So, I’ll leave the final word to Scottish comedian Limmy, who cuts to the chase on Facebook today. More concise than any of our ramblings! Hope this link works.

      binary options tradeking

  5. binary options websites says:

    I’d agree with the “driving up the middle of the road” assertion being made by Tony here, and also Scott’s statement that you don’t really seem to have any understanding of either institution or their audience.
    If the Lighthouse is to aspire to Kelvingrove’s model, we might as well sign off on Scotland’s creative industries here and now.

    There’s a distinct lack of balance here, and it seems to me that you’re saying everything should have “everyman” appeal, be inclusive, and be able to get the general public through the door, and personally, I think that’s preposterous.

    Kelvingrove doesn’t display ‘high art’ of any real description, though I dearly love the place, and I think perhaps your description comes down to a lack of understanding of that medium. High art isn’t inclusive, it’s difficult, the kind of stuff that the general public don’t understand, and don’t want to. That’s why our Gallery of “Modern” Art is full of Beryl Cook dross that the public do understand, because it’s essentially meaningless and easy for someone without an education in art or design to evaluate. That’s fine, but you tread on dangerous ground if you apply those standards across the board.

    To assert that the Lighthouse should be made in the same mould is ridiculous in the extreme, and shows a real lack of understanding of the place such an institution plays in our culture, high-brow and exclusive though it may be. As Tony said, we need ALL of these places, and yes, some of them won’t be inclusive, they may well alienate the ordinary man in the street, and that’s just too bad in my opinion.

  6. Chris says:

    I have visited the Lighthouse a handful of times – once to an exhibition not long after it opened and a few times to seminars but it has dropped off my radar recently.

    As a family we are often looking for things to do in and around Glasgow on a rainy weekend day, but the lighthouse doesn’t jump out as good value at £10 for a family ticket and the same again for car parking in the city centre (or bus fares). Compare with the Burrel collection, Kelvingrove, and the Transport museum which have much more on and are free, or the Glasgow Science Centre, which at nearly £30 is more expensive but has a ton of stuff going on, such as demonstrations. It is no surprise therefore that the Lighthouse has struggled to compete as a visitor attraction.

    As a venue for corporate events it must face stiff competition from the many hotels in and around the city centre which offer easier access, car parking and cheap rates. Certainly most of the seminars I have attended (from software and construction material suppliers) in the past couple of years have been in hotels.

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