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Good company, good food and the good old Glesga ‘banter’ were out in force to celebrate the end of another business year with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce’s president and our own MD, Claire Dunning earlier this week.

The venue was the stunning private members club binary option trading no minimum in Royal Exchange Square. Claire chose 29 not only because she is a member but to reflect the transition the Chamber has experienced over the last two years whilst she’s been at the helm, as President. There’s no denying it’s been a tough two years trading. However, a refreshed and strengthened Board, led by a young female, entrepreneurial president has had a positive impact. With Stuart Patrick as the new chief executive and the shiny, brand-new commercial director, Richard Muir – keen as mustard, Richard attended the reception the day before he started – the Chamber is fighting-fit and making a positive difference for Glasgow. The fight for the reinstatement of the Glasgow Airport Rail Link is a testament to the collective voice and strength of position the chamber plays within ‘Team Glasgow’.

So, the evening was all about celebrating success and looking forward. binary options robot blog was packed full of spirited, (in more ways than one!), business people and city ‘stakeholders’, who were there to show support for Claire’s commitment to the Chamber and the City.

It was the type of night where competitors stood side-by-side, catching up on the year gone by, sharing stories of success and congratulating each other for still being in business! Collaboration was plain for all to see with deals being done and relationships strengthened for 2010. A lot of talk, conviviality and drinking ensured there were few sore heads the next day!

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Cammy Leon Gallery- Full House!

The Cammy Leon Gallery, which ‘popped-up’ in November was a HUGE success! We created a multi-media installation here at Dunning Towers and introduced lots of clever and talented people to OTHER clever and talented people.

The evening entitled The Secret Stramash of Spectacular Shenanigans, was erm…different and DEFINITELY lived up to the ‘Stramash’ billing.

The Gallery was Curated by Fine Arts supremo Eilidh Young, who assembled an amazing array of talent. Art met Business, creativity burgeoned, music was played, poetry read, movies were watched, wine was quaffed, beer was drunk, more beer was drunk, Oddbins had a field day. If you’d like Eilidh to do an event for you, she gets great people, takes all the organisational heat off you and is great fun to deal with, so engage with her soon, before she gets too busy!

If we’re being honest, we didn’t expect such a huge turnout, in boring old November. We had hundreds through the door, over the weekend that The Cammy Leon Gallery was open. The opening party was magnificent, even if we say it ourselves!

So, we’re getting asked “what was the thinking behind creating a ‘pop-up’, transient Gallery”? Well…people sold art, it kicked-started a number of collaborations and we met lots of exciting talent (and probable members of the Creative Communications community) as well as having a bloody good laugh, all in what is always the dreariest month in Scotland.

The Cammy Leon Gallery is going to serve as a platform for a number of new initiatives in 2010. We’re doing something the same but very different in The New Year and we’re going to be working with a number of the individuals and organisations we met over the weekend. To see some of the remarkable art on show (lots of it already sold) Cammy Leon’s got his own Facebook page! Cammy Leon, that’s his name!